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The Provisions Book does not distribute, sell or share our email list. Our list is solely used by us, to update anyone who has requested to join, about new coupons posted on our website, as well as other useful links and news updates within our website.

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You can expect an email about once every 3 weeks.

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First, you will see a list of new or updated offers that have been posted to our website as well as links to the new offers. We will also link you to opportunities to win gift certificates from local businesses. Other links may include events in your community, the Provisions blog, and news and information from local businesses.

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It is easy to sign up on our website at any time. A link to unsubscribe is included at the bottom of every email.

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The Provisions Book promises to only send locally relevant emails on an occasional basis. Each end every email promises to be valuable, and worth your time.

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